How we do it

Mubasher Choudry Family Law Solutions is committed to working towards a positive resolution for you, putting you at ease and creating an environment in which you feel able to approach and discuss your personal matters no matter how sensitive.

There are a number of processes that can be used towards achieving a positive outcome from what can be a very difficult situation.

Using the following family law processes we strive to resolve your situation as quickly and effectively as possible:

Traditional Negotiation
We work towards achieving the best outcome for you through an exchange of correspondence and/or by holding meetings with solicitors and clients present.

Where there is still trust between parties and you agree not to litigate, then we can use this process to help you achieve a mutually acceptable agreement through a series of four way meetings between parties and solicitors.

This can provide a particularly effective forum in child law cases, whereby with the assistance of a trained, impartial mediator you ultimately decide the arrangements for the welfare of your children. We can assess your case and make the appropriate referral, as required.

In situations where co-operation and compromise is not possible, you may have to resort to court in order to obtain a resolution. We have considerable experience in dealing with cases in the Sheriff Court and Court of Session and can guide you every step of the way.


“Yes, all has turned out excellently and your own contribution as a gentleman solicitor in facilitating our collaboration over the divorce played a big part in this!”


Client C